Course 6 is live! GB1 program.

Course 6 is live! GB1 program.

Course 6 is going to teach you how to correctly place the foundation needed to provide the best experience for your beginners.

The GB1 Program is where students start their journey through Jiu-Jitsu and one of the core pillars for a stronger Gracie Barra school.

Since you certainly want your team to grow you must pay closer attention to what we call GB Charisma. This is what will help you to define and extent the culture of our team and also the success of Gracie Barra as a whole.

Something very important is not to forget to study and implement the intro class procedure in your school. If you are still not familiar with that you should know that this is one of the simple changes that will bring the most results to you and your school. A potential new student who has a intro class rarely doesn’t become part of the team.

As always, we wish you have have fun and get the most out of the ICP!

Enjoy course 6!

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