It’s Time! The ICP has officially started and we can’t wait to have you onboard, learning with us.

With hundreds of Gracie Barra members coming together on this amazing journey to learn directly from Master Carlos Gracie Jr., it is even hard to imagine the great things coming our way over the next 11 weeks.

On this first course, we will engage on a discussion about Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone and learn how these three words have redefined the Gracie Barra Organization and amplified the role each one of us play on the team.

We will bring you to the home of of Master Carlos Gracie Jr., in Florianopolis – south of Brazil, to gain a better understanding of the roots of Gracie Barra, how our team has evolved over time by focusing on a common mission and clearly defining and embracing three core values.

Lastly, get ready to learn and imagine the future of Gracie Barra as Carlinhos answer to the question “Where will Gracie Barra be in 30 years?” will fill you up with excitement and pride for being Gracie Barra.

Have fun!

The ICP Team

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